Dmart Online Shopping

Dmart Online Shopping  Services associated with the Website would be available to only select cities/pin codes in India. There are currently offer 2 modes of delivery for purchases made on the Dmart online shopping website.

Dmart Online Shopping

Dmart Online Shopping Home Delivery Fees:

In Dmart online shopping, you need to pay home delivery charges there is no free home delivery. Delivery charges will be added to the billed amount at the time of checkout while placing the order online.

There is cash on delivery available. Customers who choose to pay by a credit/debit card at the time of delivery. Customers can collect their orders from DMart Ready Pick-up Points as per their convenience.

There are no additional charges for collecting the orders from DMart Ready Pick-up Points. They shall charge a fee for a carry bag on the pickup point.

Return/Refund in Dmart online shopping:

Products purchased from their site can be returned for a refund at any DMart Ready store within 7 days from the date of the invoice provided:

The product has not been used and has not been altered in any manner

Product is Intact and in saleable condition

The product is accompanied by the original invoice of purchase.

The following types of products  once purchased by customers cannot be returned:

Refrigerated items such as Butter, Cheese, Dahi, etc.

Seasonal and Festive items such as Decorations lights, Gift Packs, etc.

Items purchased in Bulk quantities

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Personal utility items such as undergarments, handkerchiefs, socks, and cosmetics,

Fresh food and non-food items such as vegetables, fruits, and flowers.

They don’t provide exchange products. Products can only be returned for refund products purchased from Dmart online shopping website or mobile app can be returned only at DMart Ready stores. It cannot be returned at regular DMart stores.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can we order online from DMart?

Yes. You can order online from Dmart online shopping website or Dmart app.

2. Is DMart online?

Yes. Dmart is online you can order online.

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3. Is DMart giving home delivery?

Yes, they do. But they charge a fee for home delivery

4. How do you order groceries from DMart?

You need to visit Dmart online shopping website or Dmart App for order groceries

5. Is there a way I can re-order from my previous order?

Follow the simple steps mentioned below to shop from your previous order:

Click on “ORDER STATUS” link located on the home page.

You are taken to the page where you can see the list of all your previous orders.

You will see the “Re-Order” button next to your orders.

6. What is the Dmart ready?

DMart Ready is the name of DMart’s online service.

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