Apple WWDC 2020: iOS 14, ARM-based Macs, what to expect from 22 June event

However, unlike any other year’s event, this time, the keynote will take place virtually only owing to the novel coronavirus pandemic.

But, that has not dampened the expectations and release of several developer options by Apple. The company is still expected to showcase the first look of updated iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS, and also some hardware options.

Apple WWDC 2020: Where to watch, time in India:

The community of Apple developers has over 23 million people. The Apple WWDC 2020 is scheduled to commence from 10 am PT, which is 10.30 pm IST on June 22. The event will be live-streamed from Apple Park and you can watch it on the Apple website, the Apple Developer app, Apple TV, and Apple’s YouTube channel.

Here is what you can expect from WWDC 2020:

Apple’s first ARM-based Macs:

First and foremost, in a major development by Apple, the company is reportedly preparing to announce a shift to its own main processors in Mac computers, replacing chips from Intel Corp.

According to a Bloomberg report, the new processors will be based on the same technology used in Apple-designed iPhone and iPad chips. However, upcoming Macs will still run the macOS operating system rather than the iOS software on its iPhones

Ahead of Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) 2020, the Cupertino-based tech giant has released a Mac version of its Apple Developer app. Apple initially launched the app last year but it was only available to iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV users to date.

The macOS version provides various resources from developer-related news to videos showcasing new features for Apple operating systems.

iOS 14:

Much to everyone’s anticipation, Apple is also expected to release the first look of its upgraded operating system – iOS 14.

Apple is reportedly also readying updates to its other operating systems — iOS, iPad, tvOS, and watchOS — with changes to augmented-reality capabilities, deeper integration with outside apps and services, and improved Apple Watch fitness features. A big priority is improving the performance of its mobile software after last year’s release, iOS 13, suffered from several issues.

Several rumors are floating around in terms of look, design, and added features for the upcoming iOS 14. There are rumors that Apple may make some remarkable changes to the iOS home screen as well.

The first edition is said to be a new list view which, according to 9to5Mac, will offer an Android-esque view of all the apps on your device with a variety of sorting options, including Siri suggestions. iOS 14 is also rumored to bring new wallpaper settings that will loop in third-party apps for the first time.

In a major development, Apple is reportedly considering allowing iOS users to change default apps on the platform with third-party options. This means that iPhone users may be able to set third-party apps from other companies as default apps on the iPhones.

After the implementation, the users can switch from Safari as the default browsing app to Chrome or Mozilla Firefox or from Apple Maps to Google Maps as default apps.

For its smart speaker, HomePod, rumors suggest that Apple may be easing up on default applications might also bring benefits here, like enabling third-party applications like Spotify to work on the smart speaker through Apple’s Siri voice assistant, according to Bloomberg.

macOS 10.16

Apart from the iOS 14, Apple will introduce macOS 10.16 at WWDC 2020, as reports suggest. very little is available on the upgrades on this software, however, rumors say that there can be a proper Catalyst iMessage app that could finally bring features like “sent with lasers” to the Mac app, other similar iCloud Keychain improvements on the macOS.

WatchOS 7 and tvOS 14

Another expectation on its other software upgrades are additions to the watchOS 7 and tvOS 14.

The upgrade is expected to arrive with fresh watch faces and a new Kids Mode on the Apple Watch. This new model can prove to be helpful for parents who can set the watch’s settings which are suitable for children’s use.

The new OS can also come with more fitness and health-focused features. Rumors and speculations claim that watchOS 7 will bring support for detecting and monitoring blood oxygen levels as well as a sleep monitoring system.

Like watchOS 7, tvOS 14 is also expected to get a dedicated Kids Mode with similar parental settings.

Now, some hardware expectations:

Apart from these software upgrades at WWDC 2020, several reports and rumors also suggest that Apple might give a fresh look at a 23-inch iMac, which is touted to launch later this year.

This fresh iMac is expected to go really less on the bezels and offer a design closer to Pro Display XDR, which was announced in WWDC 2019.

There can also be a new and refreshed Apple TV if rumors are to be believed. The new Apple TV may look quite similar to the current model but may come with double the storage (from 32GB and 64GB to 64GB and 128GB) and an improved processor.

What else?

As a massive change ever in the history of iOS, reliable rumors have also suggested that Apple might change the name of software to iPhone OS.

Popular tipster Jon Posser, through a Tweet, hinted that Apple might change the name of its popular operating system. The new name is expected to fall in line with the rest of the nomenclature of operating systems under Apple. iOS might soon be changed to iPhoneOS. Similar to macOS and iPadOS, the operating system name will contain the name of the device it runs on.

Moreover, there are faint rumors coming that Apple may introduce an over-the-ear Airpods. Reportedly called Airpods Studio, these new pairs of headphones – first of its kind from Apple – are said to utilize embedded sensors when the headphone is worn.

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