Sony MDR-v55 Headphones Black

Sony MDR-v55 Headphones Black

Sony MDR-v55 Headphones

Here you will get full specifications about sony mdr v55 headphones,the sony mdr v55 price 
in india is ₨ 2823. sony mdr headphones are comes with extra bass.

Product Information:

The Sony MDR-V55 may be a DJ-style set of headphones with reversible ear-cups that provide the customer access to high-quality sound. weighing in at only 7 oz, while not the cord, these Sony headphones are powered by metal magnets, which offer wealthy bass and a transparent mid-range response, permitting the user to expertise the music because it was meant to be detected. 

The Sony MDR-V55 is additionally equipped with a 40-mm closed-type driver unit that enables these headphones to deliver the right balance of rigidity and response,a requirement for balanced audio replica. 

The sony mdr also has the power to resist a dynamical input of up to a thousand MW. These Sony headphones are equipped with a rugged, flat, y-type wire that eliminates the prospect of a tangled wire, which might plague different designs. 

The sony headphones additionally feature a slim, swivel-folding style offering the customer easy portability and listening flexibility.


Foldable, Adjustable Headband, Closed Back

Comes with black color

Maximum Frequency 25

sensitivity 105dB

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