Google Tricks

Hello Friends, here you will get information about the latest top google tricks 2020. This google tricks for fun, you need internet on your mobile or PC for seeking these google tricks.

You might surprise what area unit the uses of those tricks. To that, I might merely say that it’s only for fun. it’s one thing you’ll show to your friends, impress them, show them your geeky facet.

So, to share these fun things with you, I tracked down all the tricks and compiled a listing of them. Here it goes:

Google Tricks

Here google tricks list:
  • Snake Play
  • Tic Tac Toe
  • Atari Breakout
  • Do a barrel roll
  • Google sky
  • flip a coin
  • Thanos
Top google tricks for fun:
1. Fidget Spinner – 
               If you search spinner on google search you will see fidget spinner in results, where
you can play with that spinner. its look like that:
2. Play Some Games without Installing Them –
              Pacman: If you search Pacman on google you will get the option to play that game. 

its a really interesting game that you will get on google. This is a classic game.

      3. Google in 1998: 

                      If you search google in 1998 you will get to see the looking homepage of google in 1998.

Google in 1998
4.Animal Sounds:
                If you want to hear animal sounds you just need to search animal sounds on google.

5.Google Gravity:

                Gravity works in superb ways that, even on the Google homepage. Here is however for once you’ll build Google fall on your knees –Type within the “Google Gravity” on the homepage then click on the “I’m feeling lucky” button. it’ll direct you to 1 of the fun comes known as “Google Gravity”. it’s a Chrome Experiment done by Hi-Res. Many users fail to appreciate that the computer program works even once applying the trick. However, finding the menus may become a tedious task.
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