Disadvantages of IT Act and cyber law

Here you will get information about the advantages and disadvantages of the  Indian Act and cyber law. It will help you to get knowledge about the IT Act and cyber law.

Disadvantages of IT act and Cyber Law in India


  1. Secured E-Commerce for setting an online business
  2. The digital certificate for securing the site
  3. Blocking unwanted content from the internet
  4. Proper Monitoring of traffic

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What are the disadvantages of information technology?


It does not cover various evolving forms and manifestations of
cybercrimes such as:

  1. Cyber theft;
  2. Cyberstalking;
  3. Cyber harassment;
  4. Cyber fraud;
  5. Chat room abuses;
  6. Cyber defamation
  7. Misuse of credit card numbers.

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