Realme Band Price

Realme fitness smart band

Launch Date: 5 March 2020


Expected Price Less than ₨ 1499.

Top Features:

Realme Band Price
  1. Amoled Display
  2. Multiple Watch Faces
  3. Reject / Silence Calls Directly On Realme Fitness Band
  4. Activity Tracking 
  5. Continuous Heart Rate Sensing
  6. Sleep Tracking
The Realme fitness band price is expected to be around the same as Mi Band 4, from Rs 2,000 to Rs 2,500.

The fitness band will be able to run for more than two weeks easily

The Realme band will have a 24/7 heart rate which will monitor your heart rate every few minutes or so and will send out alerts when it abnormally decreases or increases.

The first Realme Fitness Band are competitive against Xiaomi’s fourth generation massively winning Mi Band four within the same rating bracket.

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