mivi saxo headphones Wireless Bluetooth Earphones – Jet Black

mivi saxo Price –  ₨1899.
BUY HERE – https://amzn.to/2S1aAIi

mivi saxo headphonesmivi saxo headphones
mivi saxo headphonesmivi saxo headphones


  1. Pump up your heart beat: Designed to let nothing get in-between you and your music, experience sound with powerful highs and clear lows
  2. Re-defining comfort: Ultra-soft cushion ear cups and headband for superior comfort during prolonged wear
  3. Travel ready: 17 hours of battery life and foldable design for when you are on the go
  4. Wireless/ wired: Its your choice: Who said you have to choose between one, Saxo can be connected via Bluetooth or an aux cable along, with the latest Bluetooth technology, it also has the ever-green aux port for when you are out of charge
  5. 1 year warranty

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